Sea of Crises - Front Cover

Praise for Sea of Crises

“Steere’s high-octane suspense tale takes off with all the intrigue and honor of the best space-age Westerns and political thrillers.”
Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Steere's assured prose is compelling, and the book's intriguing plot will keep readers turning pages until the very end.”
Publisher's Weekly

“Author Marty Steere is brilliant!... The action is non-stop and fast-paced and is mixed with just the right amount of mystery to make a perfect thriller.... [The] plot is plausible, the characters are realistic, and the writing is stunning a read that you will be unable to stop reading until the very end.”
Readers Favorite

"Sea of Crises is a mystery set amongst exploration, very highly recommended."
The Midwest Book Review 

“Marty Steere's Sea of Crises drew me in, held me at the edge, and gave my hand a comforting squeeze when I couldn't stand to see what happened next. This is a thriller with heart that will leave its readers satisfied they followed the Cartwright boys into a dangerous adventure.”

“[P]ulse-pounding.... I highly recommend you check out Marty Steere’s novel Sea of Crises!”